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Dr. Thomas Starzl portrait in the OR, late 1980s

Courtesy of Ohio University Libraries/Lynn Johnson, photographer

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Burden of Genius is being screened by OPOs, med schools, and other organizations across the country. 


Burden of Genius received an overwhelming response at screenings across the country during Donate Life Month 2022. Upcoming international screenings are scheduled in Australia, Argentina, and Switzerland with many more to come. 


Please fill out this form to learn more about arranging a screening, or email us at

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During BURDEN’s limited pre-release, it was shown at:


• Film festivals, winning several “best documentary” prizes

• Medical conferences from New Delhi to Hiroshima

• Educational institutions, including Harvard/ Mass General, 

University of Chicago, and Duke University


Recently scheduled are major events at Stanford University and then at the Liver Meeting, the annual conference of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD).

Screenings can be arranged for:

  • National and regional conferences

  • Grand Rounds 

  • National Donate Life Month (April)

  • Fundraisers to support transplantation services

  • Medical School courses and presentations concerning bioethics and innovation

  • College and High School courses in biology, anatomy, immunology, and pharmacology

  • And many other types of events

Distribution Team

Show&Tell is a virtual screening and educational platform focused on helping filmmakers fundraise for and distribute their films. S&T has helped hundreds of filmmakers from around the world connect with their audiences and build powerful partnerships.


Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick is a leading Distribution Strategist. As President of Paradigm Consulting, he spearheads the distribution of documentaries and consults with independent filmmakers and companies around the world. Peter helps design and implement customized strategies to maximize revenues, audience, and impact. His keynotes, workshops, and Bulletins have charted a widely-used roadmap through the New World of Distribution. Read his articles and subscribe to his Distribution Bulletin at

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Keith Ochwat

Keith is a filmmaker and Founder of Show&Tell. Over his 12 year career as a documentary filmmaker, Keith produced three films that appeared on PBS and Netflix. His film Age of Champions screened in over 3,000 communities and generated over $1.5 million—powered by partnerships with groups like AARP and the Alzheimer’s Association and companies like Cigna Health. Keith has since taught and advised hundreds of filmmakers on their distribution and fundraising strategies. He's delivered presentations on distribution at filmmaking organizations like IDA and IFP and his work has appeared in IndieWire and Documentary Magazine.

Rebecca - Headshot - Stairs_edited.jpg

Rebecca Grossman

Rebecca is a curious and heart-centered documentary storyteller. She looks within herself and communities she’s part of for stories that are personal and also illuminate broad and complex issues. Her work has been published on news outlets such as National Geographic, NBC Digital News and The Washington Post. She is currently a fellow in the Docs in Progress Fellowship where she is working on an observational documentary about the first year in one family’s life after the father became paralyzed in a sports accident. 

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Mark Stolaroff

Mark Stolaroff is an independent producer, consultant and film instructor who specializes in micro-budget production. Included in his 13 producing credits are the recent DriverX, which was released theatrically by IFC Films; and the upcoming The Last Days of Capitalism, the directorial debut of writer/director Adam Mervis, the screenwriter of 21 Bridges and National Champions. Stolaroff was formerly an executive at IFC’s Next Wave Films, where he provided finishing funds to exceptional low-budget films, including the first features of filmmakers Christopher Nolan and Joe Carnahan.  Stolaroff teaches micro-budget filmmaking through his No Budget Film School, which he founded in 2005.


Lex Ryan

Lex Ryan spent most of their childhood on Long Island, obsessing over The Golden Girls. They drank sangria and taught English to kids in Madrid—not at the same time—and ended up in Los Angeles with a master’s in Film & TV Production from USC. After graduating in 2016, they joined Peter Broderick’s team and now Peter can’t get rid of them. Lex is an organizer, actor, virtual event producer, and photographer. They hope to impact the way people think about gender and race through images both moving and still. 

Burden of Genius can be shown:

  • locally at a single location

  • virtually to widely dispersed viewers (online)

  • locally and virtually at the same time (hybrid)


Show&Tell will facilitate virtual and hybrid screenings by making the film available via its state-of-the-art, proprietary platform. It is very easy for viewers to use and enables hosts to seamlessly sell tickets, request donations, or present free screenings.


Please fill out this form if you are interested in hosting a screening.

Pre-Release Screenings

Joint Scientific Meeting

Transplantation Society International Congress

Transplant Games of America

Mid-America Transplant

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) Board

Massachusetts General Hospital

Carnegie Science Center,
Pittsburgh, PA

Loma Linda 
Medical Center

Cleveland Clinic Florida

Duke University Hospital

University of Chicago

University of Pittsburgh

Raw Science
Film Festival

Heartland International
Film Festival

Cleveland International
Film Festival

Sanford Transplant
Services Screening

Columbia Transplant Forum

American Transplant

American Society of Transplant Surgeons, Winter Symposium

Johns Hopkins Hospital Comprehensive Transplant Center

Advanced Institute of Liver and Biliary Science

Arizona Science Center

Baylor Simmons
Transplant Insitiute

University of Pittsburgh
Medical Center

University of Maryland
School of Medicine

University of Colorado
Medical Center

University of San Francisco
Medical Center

Global Health
Film Festival

Screening Room


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